Big Bad Yoshi and Lucy!
Sounds like a cool band right? Well it's even cooler yarn companies with awesome yarns that came to the store this week! 
Weepaca-Big Bad Wool
We've been carrying Pee Weepaca from BBW for a couple years now and totally loving it so it was time to invite her big sis to the party! This is the same gorgeous fiber content (Washable Wool/Alpaca) and feel but in a Worsted weight! It's perfect for Baby pieces but also other projects as well! Like these:
More Colors of Fanny and Brillante 
from Yoshi and Lucy!
Fanny is a sport weight made with 100% Merino Wool. These colors are perfect for fall projects!
Brillante is a fingering weight with just a touch of sparkle! The colors are vibrant and the sparkle adds a touch of fun to any piece you're making. 
Come get your hands on these fabulous yarns pronto!