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Sign up at the in-store or call us at (212) 360-7266 to reserve your spot today!
 Freshman Fifteen Fundraiser
Join us this Thursday and Friday from 12-6pm for an incredible fundraiser. Every year kids get accepted to colleges without being able to afford the basic necessities to start this exciting step. The Freshman Fifteen is an organization that helps these kids get ready for college without the financial stresses that can come from that. Come shop some one-of-a-kind, hand made jewelry pieces to support this amazing cause! 
For more info on The Freshman Fifteen, see their website here.
No sign-up required for this event and make sure to invite a friend or 5 or 10!! 

Sunday, December 9
Beginner Needlepoint

If you’ve been curious about learning needlepoint this is the perfect class you get you started! We will provide your supplies and you’ll learn the 2 basic stitches, Continental and Basket Weave. 
We hope to see you this week!
Annie & Company
Needlepoint & Knitting