Introduction To Colorwork
Discover the beauty and simplicity of knitting with two colors and open up whole new vistas for your knitting.  In this class we use a two-color hat pattern to learn all of the essentials of knitting colorwork including different methods for handling two yarns at a time, understanding colorwork gauge, trapping the wool and color dominance, and how to follow colorwork charts.
Materials Needed: Worsted weight wool in two highly contrasting colors; this is an ideal chance to use your leftovers.  For the best results, use yarn that is at least 80% wool and do not use superwash.
16” circular needles in size US 5 and 7
stitch markers
Experience Required: Basic knitting skills, knitting in the round on circular and double-pointed needles
Homework:  In order to cover as much material in class as possible it is helpful for you to come to class with the hat already started. Please work as follows:
Using smaller needles (size US 5) and Main Color (darker color) cast on 96 sts. Place marker for beginning of round (BOR) and join in the round being careful not to twist.
Round 1: *(K2, p2); repeat from * to end of round.
Continue to work in K2, P2 Ribbing until piece measures 1 ¾”.
Change to larger needles (size US 7).
Increase round: With Main Color, *(K4, M1); repeat from * to end of round––120 sts.
Knit 4 rounds with Main Color.
Beginner Knitting Skills Required