Since next Wednesday(September 12) marks our official 1 year Anniversary of Stitch and Sip we're going to celebrate with a Yarn Swap
How does it work? During Stitch and Sip (6:30-8:30pm) bring in any yarns from your stash that you haven’t been able to find a use for, and trade them in for something new!
Here are some ground rules:
  • Only bring yarn you are absolutely ready to part with.
  • Because everyone will be bringing yarn with varying price points, it’s best not to come with a specific monetary value in mind that you’re looking to recoup
  • Both Annie and Co and non-Annie and Co yarns are welcome
  • Yarn must still have a label accompanying it (indicating fiber content, yardage, etc.)
  • You must bring something to contribute in order to participate - no coming in just to graze the pile for free
 Yarns that aren't chosen at the end of the swap will be donated.
We hope you've enjoyed this year of Stitch and Sip as much as we have and join us for this fun event!