New Yarns from Trendsetter!
What better way to spend your labor day weekend then by getting a jump on your fall knitting?! And we have just the yarns to get you started!
Royal Cashmere by Laines du Nord
If we could make you feel this through your screen we would! The only thing that makes cashmere even better is when it's a chainette. The soft, lightness of this yarn makes every ball feel like a cloud! You'll want this around you all year round in a pattern like the Cozy Ascot Scarf or A Reversible Headband!
Visone by Laines du Nord
This yarn has a really unique texture that's going to take your knitting to a fun level! It's 66% Merino Wool and 34% nylon and has a great fuzziness to it!
A sweater in this yarn will make you want to hug yourself all day long! Something like the Light Sweater for you or Baby Blossom Sweater for a wee one! The fluffiness of this yarn is perfect for hiding little stitch mistakes too!
Super Color by Lana Grossa
This yarn gradients on it's own so sit back with an easy pattern and let it do the work! It's a aran weight chainette with a blend of wool and alpaca making it super soft and airy. A simple Gradient Scarf or this Gradient Poncho would be perfect to get your ready for chillier weather!
Tendenza by Lana Grossa
Boucle is back baby! If you're not familiar with what a boucle yarn is here's the skinny. Boucle is a yarn made of small loops of threads, giving it a loopy textured fabric when it's knit. It's super fun to knit with and, once again, is great at hiding boo-boo's. It's versatile in that it can be used on  large needle for a light cover up like the Boucle Cocoon or on smaller needles for a tighter fabric for simple fingerless gloves or the ribbing on a hat!
These yarns are in the store, ready for labor day weekend as your newest project! Be sure to call or stop by get them before the holiday!