Needlepoint projects that you would like finished by our FANCY FINISHER in Texas, MUST be in our shop THIS MONDAY, AUGUST 24th by 6:30pm CLOSING TIME.

**Projects not brought into our shop by This Monday, August 24th will not returned finished until AFTER the New Year, until approximately March/April 2016.
Our fancy finisher in Texas will not accept any request for a rush order. They provided us with this deadline for a reason. They work with different shops nation wide and get bombarded with work needed for the holidays, not just by us. We are not the only Needlepoint shop they deal with.

Please Be Advised, we do have other finishers that we can use who will have your projects back in time for Christmas 2015, not to worry!

*This deadline is for our Fancy Finisher in Texas Only. We have not yet been provided with deadlines dates from any of our other finishers. We will post deadlines as soon as we begin to receive them. Thank you!