A work trip to Artyarns! 
Last Wednesday we were cordially invited to visit one of the most luxurious yarn locales, Artyarns! 

     Annie, Elizabeth and I (Sarah) made the journey to White Plains, NY to visit Iris and her crew for a behind the scenes look at how Artyarns is made. Seeing all that beautiful yarn in one place was so exciting! It was like being inside a glittering, yarny snow globe! Being able to see the colors in person and feel each yarn made such a positive difference in our decision making process.    



And the samples!!! There were at least 6 racks of the most stunning knit and crochet samples all made with Artyarns!

Everywhere we looked there were wonderful things to admire!

As a result of our little trip we've decided to branch out with Artyarns and bring in more of their product! We even have something special in the works, just for our Annie and Company customers!! We can't wait to share these delicious yarns with you as soon as they come in! In the mean time, we have a wide array of Beaded Mohair with Sequins and Silk Rhapsody Light for your next project.

See you soon!


Annie & Company
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