Unlucky Yarn Sale
Sometimes in the life of a yarn, by no fault of it's own, it becomes discontinued. The company decides to no longer make that color or yarn and so the these unlucky yarns slowly go into extinction. Well this St. Patrick's Day weekend we're giving you, our wonderful customer, the chance to get lucky from these unlucky yarns! Starting Thursday and ending Monday our big back table will act as your pot of gold! There will be a variety of discontinued yarns there and throughout the store at deeply reduced prices just waiting for you to take them home. Once these yarns are gone they are gone for good so be sure to get enough while you can! At off it won't be hard to find the perfect unlucky yarn for you!And just to make the holiday weekend more exciting, all of our in-store yarns that are the colors Green or Orange will be 20% off! How fun!
Look for this shamrock for a lucky sale!

Stop by the store to get lucky with these unlucky yarns! You won't regret it!