Calling all Stitchers! This is your last call for the Zecca Needlepoint Trunk Show. It's coming to an end so now is the time to pick up that whimsical canvas that is calling your name. Check it out here at our web site:

Zecca #ZE-413 Hummingbird

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In case you have been following us on Instagram and/or Facebook (and if not, why not?!), you'll know we have been sharing some pictures of canvases we procured while at the Destination Dallas show.  We wanted to show you some remaining canvases that we brought back from Destination Dallas. These may be new or just new to us but all are lovely and a welcome addition to our shop and to your stash!

First up from Amanda Lawford:

Amanda Lawford Needlepoint

Love the checker board Mackenzie Childs inspired look on the floral pieces, the pink in the center would make a gorgeous bolster pillow, don't you think?! What a classic the American Diner piece is and of course, we all love the bumble bee!

Next up are some wonderful designs from JP Needlepoint. We love JP!

JP Needlepoint

These small animals are adorable! The two kitties, A321 and A331 are both 10 x 10 on 13 mesh. The bunny, A121 Who Gives a Hop, is 5 x 5 on 13 mesh. The Owl, DDB-001, Who Gives a Hoot, is 5 x 5 on 18 Mesh.

These geometrics are new and they would be so much fun to stitch!

JP Needlepoint Geometrics

Next are these New Oriental Florals from JP:

JP Oriental Florals

From left to right:

O-062 Orange Orchid & Palm Leaves is 14 x 14 on 13 mesh
O-098 Imari Bowl of Zinnias is 13 x 13 on 18 mesh
O-096 Blue Pots & Yellow Peony is 14 x 14 on 18 mesh

Lest we forget Large Kissy Fish from JP, he is so colorful! Imagine the stitches and different threads you could use! This canvas is 10 x 10, 13 Mesh

Next up is a new designer, Lycette Designs. We love seeing new designers in the industry, bringing new fresh ideas in needlepoint we can all enjoy!

LD522 is a cute pair of white and pink Staffordshire Dogs! Canvas Design is 10.5 x 7 on 18 Mesh.
LD504 The Queen is Holding Court. Of course she is! Perfect canvas for that queen in your life, or for yourself perhaps?! The canvas is 8 x 8 and is on 18 Mesh.

The shell above in white with the navy background is just stunning. As it it's partner, LD516 Coral on 8.5" x 8.5" 13 Mesh canvas. Think Lily Pulitzer. And the topiary in the middle, LD514 is so fresh, love the blue and white striped bow! It's 8 x 9.5, 13 Mesh.

Another new designer we discovered in Dallas was Fatell Designs.
Fatell Designs
Just love the Marilyn Monroe (both!) and Cat in the Hat, what's not to love? Another innovative needlepoint designer that we were delighted to meet! Give us a call for all the details.

Finally, below are some pieces we picked up from CBK Needlepoint:

CBK Needlepoint
CBK Needlepoint
Canvases above:
Laura Megroz for CBK: LM-XO34 - 18 Mesh 6 x 3.5
Liora Manne for CBK: LRE-PL05 - 13 Mesh 12 x 8
Ciao Bella for CBK: CB- PL 15 - 13 Mesh 10x11

These may not have been uploaded on our web site yet so be sure to call the shop at 212-360-7266 or send us an email if you are interested in ordering any of these canvases or want more information.

Happy Stitching!